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ADCI opened in 1987 with a staff of five in a small office in Lake Delton.
ADCI Employees
Today, ADCI is over 50 strong!

Letter of Thanks to Our Clients, Associates and Friends

Bob Nagel

In March of 1987 I started ADCI with four employees in a small office in Lake Delton, WI, with the goal of becoming the go-to firm for businesses and communities in the area. What a journey it has been!

When I step back and look at how far we've come in three decades, I am both proud and humbled. Today, ADCI's reach extends from coast to coast. We have a staff of over 50 that are some of the best in the business. Our clients are as diverse as the projects we've been priviledged to design for them. Associates who we've been fortunate to work along side over the years have become friends as well as business partners.

Many things have changed in three decades. Technology touches every facet of our life. Mobile connectivity means we're always in touch. We have the equivalent of mainframe computers in our pockets and access to vast amounts of information at our fingertips. On the flipside, we seem to move through life at warp speed and security (public and private) is an ever higher priority with threats coming from sources not even conceived of in 1987. And we wonder if we're becoming socially isolated even as we're more connected than ever.

In the face of all the advancements and changes, the values of friendship and family remain strong. Since ADCI's inception, we've focused on treating employees like family and clients as friends. Our governing principles have steered us through good times and economic storms, coming through the latter stronger, more nimble and even more grateful.

Living life with gratitude is a personal commitment of mine. What am I most thankful for, you may ask?

  • Family and friends who are always there with love and support.
  • The many clients who've been with us for years even as some have grown into regional or national powerhouses within their industries.
  • All our new clients who place their trust in us to successfully deliver their vision.
  • Our consultants and business partners who time and again go into the trenches with us to do whatever is necessary to ensure total client satisfaction.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the extremely talented, hardworking and dedicated staff that is the heart and soul of ADCI.

In short, thank you to our clients, business partners, friends and our staff for being the reason ADCI can celebrate over 30 years in business. We couldn't have done it without you!

In Deep Appreciation,

Bob Nagel
Founder | President | CEO