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COVID-19 is Changing the Built Environment
Bob Nagel

While the world is still in the midst of the pandemic, it has also begun to envision what a post-COVID world may look like. ADCI architects and designers are part of that imagining effort and are ready to assist clients now and in the coming post-pandemic era.

Delivery of guest experience, ease of maintenance, and the ability to maintain cleanliness have always been critical factors in our recommendations to clients, particularly in the hospitality and healthcare markets. We are already seeing more focus on hygienic design, touchless technology, antimicrobial and easily disinfected materials and finishes, new space utilization concepts, and changes in the delivery of guest services to increase safety.

Our team continues to research design solutions and new materials so we may offer clients the latest in smart solutions that help keep their guests, clients and employees safe and well.

If you have questions about how architectural and interior design can assist you in maintaining a more hygienic, modern, and responsive environment, contact us anytime.

Bob Nagel
President | CEO

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